We started Coach House Marketing out of a sincere desire to help companies achieve high levels of success through open and transparent practices and communication.


If you're looking to work with an honest agency that you can trust to get results, we're it.


They say you learn by doing. 8 years in, and the two of us have handled 100s of projects for 100s of happy clients. Our business has grown organically over the years, allowing us to keep things intentional and focused in a way that has best served our clients, both current and new.


Co-founders of Coach House Marketing

From start to finish, we are personally invested in each project that comes along, handling every aspect ourselves. Call us perfectionists, call us control freaks, but it's this level of attention to detail that has worked like magic. 


We love what we do. Read on to find out why.

Alexandra Moore

Alexandra M.

I’m always thinking, researching and strategizing (likely a by-product of my time in academia). I believe in developing a comprehensive plan so that you can take advantage of the marketing tools and platforms that work best for you, your product and your audience. I don’t believe everyone should be on Facebook, just because, or that digital advertising is good for every business. Marketing should never be a one-size-fits-all approach. This requires keeping a keen eye on the data analytics while being guided by an intuitive understanding what is going to work (and when) and how to get the most bang for your buck.  

At Coach House Marketing, I take on a range of projects: from content development, to market research to social media strategy—and everything in between. My job description is constantly evolving to meet the changing and growing needs of my clients. Within any given day, it’s not unusual for me to be developing a client’s CV for their next big career move, reviewing performance data to suggest strategic shifts in a marketing campaign, tweaking a grant application and working on a developmental edit for a horror novel.

Fun Fact:

After editing a novel for a client, he ended up naming a character in after her. Look out for Alejandro Mas.

Outside of Coach House, Alex can be found:

  • Improvising recipes

  • Hiking, x-country skiing, snow-shoeing (or traversing land in some other fashion)

  • Reading a novel

  • Writing a novel

  • Sipping bourbon by a bonfire

  • Doing restorative yoga (the kind where you can take a catnap and no one would notice)

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Breanna L.

I enjoy working closely with clients to identify what exactly it is that makes them different and then leveraging their uniqueness to connect them with their audience in creative, meaningful ways. Whether it's working on a website to truly capture the underlying essence of a business or developing advertising copy that converts impressions into clicks, I am extremely loyal to those I work with and 100% invested in their success. I get excited about the little details and love the diversity of our client base. I've had the opportunity to work with incredible individuals which has been truly inspiring for my own personal and professional growth.

I have undergone extensive training and passed the required certification exams to become a Bing Ads and Google Ads certified professional as a commitment to providing our digital advertising clients with the opportunity to optimize their advertising campaigns (and maximize their budget) on these platforms, giving them the best return on their investment. I am personally driven to making sure our clients experience high levels of success and love helping them take their business to new places. Not only can success be monetarily rewarding, it can also be a lot of fun. I help make sure both happen.

Fun Fact:

Has a soft spot for rescuing century-old homes on the brink of disrepair and bringing them back to life.

Outside of Coach House, Bre can be found:

  • Hanging out with her 3 (yes, 3) Greyhounds

  • Spending as much time in nature as possible

  • Researching and tracking real estate trends

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